Pining for Peacock Plumes

What better color to accessorize with than the gorgeous and never-ending shades of blue?  Just like your favorite jeans you can pair it with every color under the sun (or of the sun) and feel like a pulled-together princess without even trying.

Chloe + Isabel has journeyed to India for their Summer 2017 collection and the Peacock Plumes set has a dazzling assortment of blues in semi-precious turquoise, marbled chalcedony, pale aqua hand cut crystal, mint crystal, grey mother-of-pearl in-lays.  All of these gorgeous stones are set in shiny and antique silver colorways.


The beautiful designs of India can offer an endless amount of inspiration but honing in on the national bird is a crafty way to create accessories for summer.  The statement necklaces and bracelets that offer the most pizazz in the collection are my most favorite.  They can go with your evening attire or they can dress up your basic white tee and jeans for an instant lift!

Peacock Statement Bib Necklace and Statement Collar Necklace
Minaret Hammered Bracelet and Statement Bracelet


There are endless amounts of earring available in the entire Summer 2017 collection and the Peacock Plumes set are not just eye-catching but there is a pair for every person’s taste, no matter how minimalist or edgy you are!


I really love the play on the Hoop Earrings, which we are now dubbing gypsy hoops because of the teardrop style attached to the hoops themselves!

There are matching stackable rings (a great deal on their own!) and wrap bracelets that help complete your look and give you a great arm party and ring candy – don’t forget that laying is all the rage this year and a great way to wear more of the pieces you love.

And two of the more simple designs that offer great layering capabilities are the Minaret Hammered 3 Row Convertible Necklace and the Minaret Hammered Long Necklace.  These two can be worn together or alone or with a statement necklace.  The best part is the 3 Row Convertible can be worn many different ways and offer a great value to every person’s budget!



minarethammeredlong on model
Minaret Hammered Long Necklace


As you can see YOUR choices are endless with just this set and there are several more available in the new Summer 2017 collection!  Start your wish list now because I hear that there might be a fabulous Memorial Day Sale that will help you grab your favorites!




Stacking Your Arm Candy

#armparty #armcandy #summer2017

One of the my most favorite trends is all about layering – whether it’s your necklaces, rings, tops or bracelets – the more the merrier!  And why not?  Having a party is all in good fun and an arm party is a great new fashionable trend that everyone is getting in on!




If you’re a bit confused on where to start then think in terms of color.  Navy and fuschia are great color combos for your summer wardrobe.  They will give you bright and bold wrists that can coordinate with just about every other summer shade.


Try stacking a gorgeous statement bracelet with your usual bead + chain multi-wrap bracelets to add texture and interest.  Or if you have a few favorite cuff bracelets then add more beaded fringe bracelets to the mix!  The more texture the better the party: leather wraps, wax corded bracelets, beaded elastics, baccarat metals, geometric lucite favorites – there is no end to the layering possibilities!




But don’t stop at what’s already in your jewelry armoire!  Check out the latest selections from Chloe + Isabel’s newest Summer 2017 Collection!  You will be dazzled by the spectacular pieces in an array of beautiful colors, featuring semi-precious stones in handcrafted details inspired by the gorgeous landscape of India!




Romantic Bride

It’s that time of year when it is wedding season.  Brides are planning away for their big day to be the epic event of their life.  Whether you are looking for a gift for your bridesmaid, flower girl, or mother (don’t forget that sweet mother-in-law) or you still need that something special to sparkle with your gown, Chloe + Isabel’s newly launched Romantic Bride collection will set your heart aglow!

This loving delicate collection features garlands of delicate rosettes giving an air of vintage chic.  Each piece is set in antique gold – which is hard to find in bridal jewelry.  The clear crystals shine brilliantly next to the metal rosettes.



There are statement pieces for the bride and simpler, petite pieces for the bridal party.


Let me introduce you to the items that will complete your wedding attire…


statement necklace

This beautiful bride is showcasing the rosette statement necklace and earrings.


Here we have a bridesmaid wearing the rosette petite collar necklace and the rosette statement bracelet.

romanticmaid rosette crystal bracelet


The garland hair comb is a gorgeous pieces featuring crystal navettes in a wreath design.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

But most of all…a gorgeous vintage inspired sweeping headpiece for the most romantic bride:


Isn’t it the most elegant piece of bridal jewelry every?  I think so!

All Chloe + Isabel pieces are designed from a specific inspirational idea:


Check out my boutique today to order your romantic jewelry for your special day!



Get Out of Your Schlump

I have these days where it has been the most difficult just to get out of bed, then there is breakfast to make, yet I barely feel as though I am able to move.  It’s noon and I look down to see I still have on an oversized t-shirt and baggy pajama bottoms.  I’m hungry but I don’t know what I want so I keep drinking coffee and grabbing some sort of carb to munch on thinking I might just feel better.

I keep waiting but the feel-better moment never comes.  I have nowhere to go and the kids are fed and screaming, chasing each other in a circle.  If only I could put my head down for just a few minutes.

More coffee.

More coffee.

Lots more coffee.

It doesn’t matter on these days how much coffee I drink, how many carbs I much, I still will not feel better.  First of all, I have NOT gotten out of the schlumpy pajamas.  I didn’t brush my hair and I dare not look in the mirror because we all know that the red patches and under-eye circles are only going to worsen my mood.

I did brush my teeth though so let’s give me some props there.


Let’s stop beating ourselves up!  As a SAHM we do not get a break during the day.  And there isn’t a break at night time.  And then our sleep is usually interrupted by a child or two…or a hubby.  We aren’t told thank you enough, we aren’t being given time to breath or shower, or to eat a meal without interruption.

And YES we signed up for all of this!  I had a lot better daydreams when I thought about being a SAHM and none of them included depressing days – whatsoever.

What is a woman to do?

Be okay with a schlumpy day.  Really it’s okay and you will feel better later.  Own your schlumpiness.  When you own it you will be able to move on from it.

And I do (of course) have an outfit here for you on these days when the world seems to not shine as sweetly as it had yesterday (or last week, or last month, or those years before you had kids and you had some sort of freedom).

Kimono Love

This kimono is soft, silky, loose, and beautiful.  It still looks gorgeous when you pair it with your most comfy leggings and a black camisole underneath.  And you can still walk out the door at any time if the need arises.  Those flats are so easy to wear and you won’t feel anything under your feet (i.e.when you didn’t see that Lego or banana in the floor).  You can thank me later for that.

A big bold statement ring will make your heart feel lighter.  That sparkly Mosaic choker will let you see how you shine in the mirror.  I love these Hero-Metal crescent earrings with the Asian-inspired top.  And what better way to wear your hair than a messy bun (don’t even worry about the brush) with a ultra-chic gun-metal bun cuff!  Yes, I believe a bun cuff is a life necessity (and this particular design comes in 6 finishes!).

Now don’t you feel better about your schlumpy day?  Shine on girlfriend!

Hero-Metal + Leather Crescent Earrings

Modern Mosaic Choker Necklace

Bun Cuff

Modern Mosaic Stackable Rings



Brightening Up Easter Sunday

There is not a  better time to play dress up than Easter Sunday morning.  You can choose the normal pastel flower dress you have or you can grab your brightest frock!  This year I am opting for a bright frock in sunshine yellow with bits of navy to make this gorgeous classic full-skirted dress stand out on a day full of family fun in the sun!

If you’re opting to help the kiddies with hunting Easter eggs then pack a pair of flats in your bag because no one wants to sink in the wet spring dirt in their best pumps. And always pack a sweater and umbrella – it is spring and we never know what Mother Nature has in store for us.


Easter Sunday with Yellow + Navy



I love the simplicity in these Chloe + Isabel pieces and the silver stands on its own when you’re wearing yellow.  The Y-necklace helps bring attention to the bold color and the belt that is going to make your waist look like it whittled away!

The leather accents in these crescent earrings and the navy tassels on the bun cuff will bring your outfit together and give you a bit of edginess.  And that bun will look ultra-chic dressed up!  Not to mention make you feel polished without having to worry about keeping it out of your face when you’re outside on a windy spring afternoon.

The Lumiere bracelet is so gorgeous!  It adds that bit of glamour that matches this beautiful dress!  I don’t know about you but I always love adding glamour to my everyday.

Lumiere Y-Necklace

Lumiere Bracelet

Sunburst Tassel Bun Cuff

Hero-Metal + Leather Crescent Earrings


Go grab your favorites for Easter Sunday (or any day) from my boutique today!



Minimalist Stripes

You know those days where you can barely crawl from bed and you barely get the knots tangled from your hair because you slept horribly the night before?  I have those times when it’s a struggle just to walk to the bathroom and get my son’s diaper changed.  Then I’m required to get breakfast, get dressed, do all those things that everyone else needs or wants or clean up messes they cannot seem to see.  A SAHM life isn’t glamorous, we aren’t prancing around in gowns waiting for our Prince to sweep up away for a romantic weekend, we are supposed to already have had those days….but a girl can still daydream – am I right?

These types of days are just right for dark wash jeans that are broken-in and a quarter-sleeve striped top.  This is one of my favorite pairings and makes me feel Parisian chic instantly, whether I have Audrey flats on or not.

Minimalist Stripes



You don’t have to stop there though.  It’s easy to accessorize your jewelry with this look.  A long simple necklace, stacking bracelets, a big crystal ring, and simple crystal ear climbers!  This will add a bit of bling we crave but stay in the area of relaxing chic.

Check out my boutique to get these minimalist pieces and much more!

Petite Crescent Stud Earrings

Petite Crescent Navette Ring

Delicate Bead + Chain Multi-Wrap Bracelet in Silver

Delicate Bead + Chain Multi-Wrap Bracelet in Antique Gold

Hero Metal Lariat Necklace



Monochromatic Pastels with Sky Blue + Lilac

I can never seem to get enough of gorgeous color combinations.  Whether it’s the deep reds with gray blues, eggplants and navy, or orange and sand.  I love seeing how two colors can complement each other and make an outfit pop.

But then there is the tactic of going monochromatic, which is an on-trend styling trick that can make you feel more pulled together than ever before.

So let’s take a step to mix these two styling ideas together, where you pick two complementary colors and go full-on monochromatic.  And yes, we are starting in the world of pastels since it is spring and it is very close to Easter, it’s simply that time of year to yank your pastels out of the depths of your closet and figure out how to pull them together.

There are no better pastels than lilac and sky blue, they look great on almost everyone.  Not only that, when you wear lilac close to your face it has a brightening effect.


Pastel Plenty



Chloe + Isabel launched the Wanderlust collection last month and they are the most gorgeous statement pieces for spring.

The sky blue capri leggings give way to light-colored blue jeans, which can easily be worn instead but let’s be honest, leggings are SO comfortable!  Add a purse that matches those pants and use a lilac top to help brighten your complexion.

Throw your hair up in a ponytail and it top with a ponytail holder in silver and intricately etched giving a free-spirited vibe.  The statement ring features semi-precious marbled blue stone and the necklace features semi-precious cat’s eye, lavender and mint crackled glass, blue and white mother-of-pearl inlay, and so many more details.

What do you think?  Comment below if this is a look you can pull together and head out the door feeling confident.  Grab your favorites from Chloe + Isabel pieces from my boutique today feather Wanderlust and the gorgeous Jen Atkin X Chloe + Isabel ponytail covers!

Misty Morning Collar Necklace

Modern Mosaic Earrings

Modern Ponytail Holder

Bead + Chain Multi-Wrap Bracelet

Modern Mosaic Statement Ring