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Summer 2017 Capsule Collection

Oh boy!  Do I have a treat for you!  We at Chloe + Isabel have just launched the Summer 2017 Capsule Collection – which pairs so beautifully with the existing Summer 2017 sets.  We have saved the best for last – two distinctive new designs that will electrify every outfit for your summer days!

I will start with my favorite – the simplicity of the Stepwells set – featuring geometric designs inspired by India’s ancient stepwells!  This set includes TWO necklaces that can change with your neckline, three sets of earrings, and two gorgeous delicate bracelets.  And it pairs perfectly with the Golden Lotus set from the Summer 2017 collection.


These pieces are so sophisticated and classic that they will serve you for a lifetime – especially with the C+I Lifetime Guarantee!  They are plated in antique gold and feature semi-precious turquoise, white mother-of-pearl inlay and clear crystal.  The necklace has a C+I signature with a sliding closure so you can choose to wear any length for every outfit.  (Stepwell Statement Earrings, Delicate Bracelet and Convertible Statement Necklace)

The other pieces in this collection do not disappoint either.  A set of two studs that are crystal pave and semi-precious turquoise.


A simply GORGEOUS Two-Row Convertible Statement Necklace – these are a signature feature in nearly every C+I set because versatility is key to every C+I gal!  I especially love the tie-bar style of the longer necklace – it’s just right for any occasion!


And of course I cannot live without a dangling earring.  Especially when it is long and features turquoise and mother-of-pearl inlay – the Stepwells Post Drop Earrings are my favorite of all.  As if I could actually choose just one.

stepwells post drop

And let’s not forget this gorgeous Beaded Turquoise Bracelet!  Oh I just love how this can go with everything!  The center square cut turq is beautifully designed with the diamond-shaped mother-of-pearl inlay and accented with clear crystal and more turq beads!

beaded turq bracelet


Now that you have fallen in love with the Stepwells collection – I show you the bright and tassel-laced Boho Bazaar!  There aren’t as many new pieces in this set but the versatility more than make up for it.  These are the perfect pairings to every Jaipur piece from the Summer 2017 collection.

We have three beautifully beaded bracelets, one extraordinary pair of statement earrings, one statement-making tassel necklace and then a single piece of jewelry that will convert from a long necklace to a choker to a bracelet at any point in your day.  Let’s start with that piece first.

The Bazaar Convertible Tassel Necklace & Bracelet (yes that is one piece of jewelry). Talk about a money-saving option!


The two boldest options in Boho Bazaar has to be the Bazaar Statement Tassel Earrings and the Bazaar Long Tassel Necklace.  These pair well together or alone.  They feature semi-precious malachite, turquoise, jade, and tiger eye with marigold and white opal and the tassels featured are made of gorgeous silk threads.  Seriously, we are talking about more than fashion jewelry, we are talking about gorgeous organic pieces handcrafted with love and care.

I just love the bright colors for every day to jazz up the plain and boring jean shorts and white top.  You really wouldn’t need much else!

I’m saving the best for last because you can take the all three bracelets and make yourself a wrist party that can go on for days and days.   The Statement Tassel Bracelet, Dainty Beaded Bracelet and Bead + Chain Multi-Wrap Bracelet are all exquisite. Featuring the same semi-precious stones and silk thread as the statement pieces above.

Do you love these pieces as much as I do?  I have always been a jewelry lover but when I started as a Merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel I found my true calling in the accessories world.  Every time there is a new launch I jump for joy and I hope these pieces having you jumping as well!

bazaar long tassel necklace pairing


Top 5 Jewelry Styling Tips

If you search the internet to find the best ways to style your favorite Chloe + Isabel pieces, you will have millions of results.  So I thought I would help out and give you my top five favorites that will help you get started to building your own styling techniques.  It’s so hard to stay on top of trends with the turbulent winds of fashion today but these tips are tried and true for decades past, as they will be for decades to come.

TIP #1

Layer your jewelry pieces

You can layer your hair accessories, your bracelets, fingers, neckline or belts!  Don’t think of accessories singularly when getting dressed but think of items as a unit that can be mixed and matched as you please.  Do wrap your leather bracelet with your crystal pave wedding bracelet and rose gold bangles.  Have a set of stackable rings that you want to rock, toss those on too.  And don’t forget one of the hottest trends of the season, maybe of all year, stacking necklaces!  From chokers to collar necklaces and those favorite long-layered pieces, they can be mixed and matched to complement your favorite sheath for an evening out or leggings and t-shirt at the park.

Tip #2

Use Contrasting Colors

I love mixing and matching fun color combinations to see what looks lovely together compared to what may not be quite right.  And color combinations can have a different effect on every person.  I love yellow and gray together but those colors might not work well with every skin and hair color.  I will say that you should try wearing yellow or orange with silver jewelry, the contrasting effect is quite beautiful.  Or if you’ve packed on the magenta, go ahead and try turquoise jewelry or emerald pieces.  You can always choose to go monochromatic but this can be underwhelming in the sense that you will not see the jewelry because it blends right in with your outfit.  See Tip #5 if you do want to go monochromatic because it can be gorgeous when the lines don’t overlap.  And of course, if you’re wearing a neutral, then you have endless options to find a contrasting hue.

TIP #3

Mix Metals & Textures

This goes back to Tip #1.  Don’t be afraid to mix leather with metal or cording with rhinestones or leather with cording and metal and rhinestones!  Go crazy!  Want to wear gold with silver bangles, rings and necklaces and rose gold earrings – then go for it!  Don’t worry about the faux pas of the past, move forward with your shiny menagerie.

TIP #4

Choose a Focus

This is a great one – but don’t think that if you want to wear a sequin dress that you can’t wear diamond drop earrings and choker with a tennis bracelet, because you can and go for it.  But if you would like to try a sophisticated or minimalist approach then the idea of going simple on the outfit and adding pizazz with the accessories is best.  Or if you want to wear complicated foray of ruffles then you can go simple with a suede choker and stud earrings.  When you see yourself in the mirror make sure that you find balance with the entire outfit: clothing, shoes, bags, belt(s), and jewelry.

TIP #5

Mind Your Neckline

A personal pet peeve for me is when I see someone who is wearing a necklace that starts where the neckline ends.  If you wear a high collar, wear a long necklace or if you’ve got a low neckline try a choker or collar necklace – or try one of those new combo necklaces where it’s a collar style necklace with a long single chain hanging vertically.  Think about the tip as well when you’re layering your necklaces – you could wear a high neckline with a choker and longer layers.  Or wear several shorter lengths with a low neckline.  Play around with this technique as you would with layering your wrists or stacking your rings. Something I don’t personally like to see, and doesn’t look good in selfies, is when the neckline of a top covers the necklace or they fall in the same line, it doesn’t give a lovely effect and is more distracting than if you chose not to wear a necklace at all.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope these Top 5 Tips serve you well.  Don’t forget to sign up your email address so you can stay on top of new posts!  And check out my Chloe + Isabel Boutique to shop your favorite pieces from all the looks you’ve seen above!


When Mom Gets Sick


I am a generally healthy person.  I love kale in everything, from smoothies, eggs and salads, I try to keep sweets to a minimum, I constantly kick my Dr. Pepper habit to the curb, and I try to stay active.  But sometimes life throws curve balls and it doesn’t matter how well we care for ourselves physically or mentally.  Unfortunately, my curve ball consisted of intense abdominal pain that turned out to be appendicitis.


It was late Monday afternoon and I was planning a nice dinner but the pain that started from nowhere was debilitating.  Quick sandwiches became the updated menu and I went to “rest” while everyone ate and enjoyed their evening.  I got up to get the younger one to bed and thought for sure that the pain would go away soon.


I decided several hours into the pain to finally tell my husband, never wanting to overreact or bother him with something that is passing.  It must be food poisoning from the protein shake…was that even possible?  After an evening of nausea and my body shaking all over I had to keep reminding myself it would pass – I would survive this pain.


Then came the following day and I wasn’t any better and it only continued.  As the pain worsened my husband was sure it was appendicitis.  No!  It couldn’t be that because the pain was ALL OVER MY STOMACH!  Then our oldest daughter felt sick and started in with nausea too.


Now in retrospect I can see he was obviously right and we should have gone to the ER that night but I was sure that it couldn’t be.  We just had a family member go through appendicitis and a family friend months before that had appendicitis.  What are the odds that I would have the same issue? 


I let it go until Thursday morning, day four, when I talked to my mother-in-law about all the symptoms and how I wasn’t getting any better.  She came to take me to the Urgent Care, but we decided that under the circumstances the ER would be our better option.


Hours later after the pregnancy test finally came back from the lab (negative – which I tried to tell them) and I was good to go to x-ray.  The doctor came in to inform us that my white blood cell count was 33,000.  That was meaningless to me but he explained that meant a bad infection was present.  We assumed at this point it must be gallbladder.  The pain was all over my stomach area.


I had a lovely bumpy ride to x-ray and then another lovely bumpy ride to a CT scan where they inject you something that burns your veins.  I’m sure it was gasoline or some other toxic chemical that has shortened my life span.


But not as shortened if I wasn’t already in the hospital getting the CT scan because it showed a grotesquely enlarged gangrenous appendix that would soon kill me if it wasn’t removed asap.  The ER doctor told me it was the largest one he had seen (although I am not sure how many others he has seen).

I do have appendicitis? What?


This was the reason that the pain was ALL OVER my midsection and not just the lower right abdomen.  This is also the reason that I immediately began crying and wished I could be home and be with my husband and my children.  I didn’t want to have to have surgery.  I wanted to be normal again.


I, at that moment, began to realize that I had not prepped a single thing for Easter and there would be no way to do it now.  Normally I start getting items ready weeks in advance but I hadn’t even considered the thought of Easter morning and I knew that my girl’s heart would be broken if she woke to find nothing and thought the Easter Bunny had forgotten about her.  Nurses told me not to worry, that kids wouldn’t worry about that.  But I knew my daughter and I knew how much she loved looking forward to the Bunny’s visit and finding a basket of fun and searching for all those eggs.


As if I had a choice.  The hospital wasted no time wheeling me to pre-op and prepping me with more medications and having me sign releases and explaining stuff I no longer remember.  The surgeon was nice, the anesthesiologist was sweet, the staff was kind, I would be fine.  I hoped.


Surgery is no laughing matter, it’s intense and takes a lot of medical stuff to prepare and perform, not to mention the recovery process and all the kind people that make sure you’re on track.  I had wonderful teams every step of the way.  My laparoscopy was successful.


I had a three-day hospital stay after my surgery.  You might think this would give someone ample rest but no, not with the myriad of tests and staff that come in starting at five am to poke and prod at you like a circus elephant.  I was ecstatic when Easter Sunday arrived and I was allowed to go home.


Unfortunately, when I came home my son, who was almost 18 months at the time, didn’t seem to recognize me.  He took no notice of my entrance or my coos.  He just looked at me with empty eyes and my heart sank deeper than I ever knew it could.  My daughter was upset because the Easter Bunny didn’t do his usual routine of hiding eggs full of candy and leaving a trail of sparkly grass and chocolate coins from her room to her basket.  If only she knew the trouble her great grandparents went through to get her the stuff she did receive. ­­­­ I went to bed exhausted and full of sadness as I tried not to think about the four incisions that lead directly to my insides.  Four incisions that still remain red and will take many more months to fade.


Fear not though, by the next morning all was well again.  Although I couldn’t pick up my son, he sat in my lap for long periods.  I finally got to be with my children and husband in between resting and trying to remember the various times to take the antibiotics and pain killer.  I survived the gangrene infection.

The entire situation reminds me how lucky I am to be here with my children each day and to have a happy home.


Pining for Peacock Plumes

What better color to accessorize with than the gorgeous and never-ending shades of blue?  Just like your favorite jeans you can pair it with every color under the sun (or of the sun) and feel like a pulled-together princess without even trying.

Chloe + Isabel has journeyed to India for their Summer 2017 collection and the Peacock Plumes set has a dazzling assortment of blues in semi-precious turquoise, marbled chalcedony, pale aqua hand cut crystal, mint crystal, grey mother-of-pearl in-lays.  All of these gorgeous stones are set in shiny and antique silver colorways.


The beautiful designs of India can offer an endless amount of inspiration but honing in on the national bird is a crafty way to create accessories for summer.  The statement necklaces and bracelets that offer the most pizazz in the collection are my most favorite.  They can go with your evening attire or they can dress up your basic white tee and jeans for an instant lift!

Peacock Statement Bib Necklace and Statement Collar Necklace
Minaret Hammered Bracelet and Statement Bracelet


There are endless amounts of earring available in the entire Summer 2017 collection and the Peacock Plumes set are not just eye-catching but there is a pair for every person’s taste, no matter how minimalist or edgy you are!


I really love the play on the Hoop Earrings, which we are now dubbing gypsy hoops because of the teardrop style attached to the hoops themselves!

There are matching stackable rings (a great deal on their own!) and wrap bracelets that help complete your look and give you a great arm party and ring candy – don’t forget that laying is all the rage this year and a great way to wear more of the pieces you love.

And two of the more simple designs that offer great layering capabilities are the Minaret Hammered 3 Row Convertible Necklace and the Minaret Hammered Long Necklace.  These two can be worn together or alone or with a statement necklace.  The best part is the 3 Row Convertible can be worn many different ways and offer a great value to every person’s budget!



minarethammeredlong on model
Minaret Hammered Long Necklace


As you can see YOUR choices are endless with just this set and there are several more available in the new Summer 2017 collection!  Start your wish list now because I hear that there might be a fabulous Memorial Day Sale that will help you grab your favorites!




Stacking Your Arm Candy

#armparty #armcandy #summer2017

One of the my most favorite trends is all about layering – whether it’s your necklaces, rings, tops or bracelets – the more the merrier!  And why not?  Having a party is all in good fun and an arm party is a great new fashionable trend that everyone is getting in on!




If you’re a bit confused on where to start then think in terms of color.  Navy and fuschia are great color combos for your summer wardrobe.  They will give you bright and bold wrists that can coordinate with just about every other summer shade.


Try stacking a gorgeous statement bracelet with your usual bead + chain multi-wrap bracelets to add texture and interest.  Or if you have a few favorite cuff bracelets then add more beaded fringe bracelets to the mix!  The more texture the better the party: leather wraps, wax corded bracelets, beaded elastics, baccarat metals, geometric lucite favorites – there is no end to the layering possibilities!




But don’t stop at what’s already in your jewelry armoire!  Check out the latest selections from Chloe + Isabel’s newest Summer 2017 Collection!  You will be dazzled by the spectacular pieces in an array of beautiful colors, featuring semi-precious stones in handcrafted details inspired by the gorgeous landscape of India!




Romantic Bride

It’s that time of year when it is wedding season.  Brides are planning away for their big day to be the epic event of their life.  Whether you are looking for a gift for your bridesmaid, flower girl, or mother (don’t forget that sweet mother-in-law) or you still need that something special to sparkle with your gown, Chloe + Isabel’s newly launched Romantic Bride collection will set your heart aglow!

This loving delicate collection features garlands of delicate rosettes giving an air of vintage chic.  Each piece is set in antique gold – which is hard to find in bridal jewelry.  The clear crystals shine brilliantly next to the metal rosettes.



There are statement pieces for the bride and simpler, petite pieces for the bridal party.


Let me introduce you to the items that will complete your wedding attire…


statement necklace

This beautiful bride is showcasing the rosette statement necklace and earrings.


Here we have a bridesmaid wearing the rosette petite collar necklace and the rosette statement bracelet.

romanticmaid rosette crystal bracelet


The garland hair comb is a gorgeous pieces featuring crystal navettes in a wreath design.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

But most of all…a gorgeous vintage inspired sweeping headpiece for the most romantic bride:


Isn’t it the most elegant piece of bridal jewelry every?  I think so!

All Chloe + Isabel pieces are designed from a specific inspirational idea:


Check out my boutique today to order your romantic jewelry for your special day!



Get Out of Your Schlump

I have these days where it has been the most difficult just to get out of bed, then there is breakfast to make, yet I barely feel as though I am able to move.  It’s noon and I look down to see I still have on an oversized t-shirt and baggy pajama bottoms.  I’m hungry but I don’t know what I want so I keep drinking coffee and grabbing some sort of carb to munch on thinking I might just feel better.

I keep waiting but the feel-better moment never comes.  I have nowhere to go and the kids are fed and screaming, chasing each other in a circle.  If only I could put my head down for just a few minutes.

More coffee.

More coffee.

Lots more coffee.

It doesn’t matter on these days how much coffee I drink, how many carbs I much, I still will not feel better.  First of all, I have NOT gotten out of the schlumpy pajamas.  I didn’t brush my hair and I dare not look in the mirror because we all know that the red patches and under-eye circles are only going to worsen my mood.

I did brush my teeth though so let’s give me some props there.


Let’s stop beating ourselves up!  As a SAHM we do not get a break during the day.  And there isn’t a break at night time.  And then our sleep is usually interrupted by a child or two…or a hubby.  We aren’t told thank you enough, we aren’t being given time to breath or shower, or to eat a meal without interruption.

And YES we signed up for all of this!  I had a lot better daydreams when I thought about being a SAHM and none of them included depressing days – whatsoever.

What is a woman to do?

Be okay with a schlumpy day.  Really it’s okay and you will feel better later.  Own your schlumpiness.  When you own it you will be able to move on from it.

And I do (of course) have an outfit here for you on these days when the world seems to not shine as sweetly as it had yesterday (or last week, or last month, or those years before you had kids and you had some sort of freedom).

Kimono Love

This kimono is soft, silky, loose, and beautiful.  It still looks gorgeous when you pair it with your most comfy leggings and a black camisole underneath.  And you can still walk out the door at any time if the need arises.  Those flats are so easy to wear and you won’t feel anything under your feet (i.e.when you didn’t see that Lego or banana in the floor).  You can thank me later for that.

A big bold statement ring will make your heart feel lighter.  That sparkly Mosaic choker will let you see how you shine in the mirror.  I love these Hero-Metal crescent earrings with the Asian-inspired top.  And what better way to wear your hair than a messy bun (don’t even worry about the brush) with a ultra-chic gun-metal bun cuff!  Yes, I believe a bun cuff is a life necessity (and this particular design comes in 6 finishes!).

Now don’t you feel better about your schlumpy day?  Shine on girlfriend!

Hero-Metal + Leather Crescent Earrings

Modern Mosaic Choker Necklace

Bun Cuff

Modern Mosaic Stackable Rings