Top 5 Jewelry Styling Tips

If you search the internet to find the best ways to style your favorite Chloe + Isabel pieces, you will have millions of results.  So I thought I would help out and give you my top five favorites that will help you get started to building your own styling techniques.  It’s so hard to stay on top of trends with the turbulent winds of fashion today but these tips are tried and true for decades past, as they will be for decades to come.

TIP #1

Layer your jewelry pieces

You can layer your hair accessories, your bracelets, fingers, neckline or belts!  Don’t think of accessories singularly when getting dressed but think of items as a unit that can be mixed and matched as you please.  Do wrap your leather bracelet with your crystal pave wedding bracelet and rose gold bangles.  Have a set of stackable rings that you want to rock, toss those on too.  And don’t forget one of the hottest trends of the season, maybe of all year, stacking necklaces!  From chokers to collar necklaces and those favorite long-layered pieces, they can be mixed and matched to complement your favorite sheath for an evening out or leggings and t-shirt at the park.

Tip #2

Use Contrasting Colors

I love mixing and matching fun color combinations to see what looks lovely together compared to what may not be quite right.  And color combinations can have a different effect on every person.  I love yellow and gray together but those colors might not work well with every skin and hair color.  I will say that you should try wearing yellow or orange with silver jewelry, the contrasting effect is quite beautiful.  Or if you’ve packed on the magenta, go ahead and try turquoise jewelry or emerald pieces.  You can always choose to go monochromatic but this can be underwhelming in the sense that you will not see the jewelry because it blends right in with your outfit.  See Tip #5 if you do want to go monochromatic because it can be gorgeous when the lines don’t overlap.  And of course, if you’re wearing a neutral, then you have endless options to find a contrasting hue.

TIP #3

Mix Metals & Textures

This goes back to Tip #1.  Don’t be afraid to mix leather with metal or cording with rhinestones or leather with cording and metal and rhinestones!  Go crazy!  Want to wear gold with silver bangles, rings and necklaces and rose gold earrings – then go for it!  Don’t worry about the faux pas of the past, move forward with your shiny menagerie.

TIP #4

Choose a Focus

This is a great one – but don’t think that if you want to wear a sequin dress that you can’t wear diamond drop earrings and choker with a tennis bracelet, because you can and go for it.  But if you would like to try a sophisticated or minimalist approach then the idea of going simple on the outfit and adding pizazz with the accessories is best.  Or if you want to wear complicated foray of ruffles then you can go simple with a suede choker and stud earrings.  When you see yourself in the mirror make sure that you find balance with the entire outfit: clothing, shoes, bags, belt(s), and jewelry.

TIP #5

Mind Your Neckline

A personal pet peeve for me is when I see someone who is wearing a necklace that starts where the neckline ends.  If you wear a high collar, wear a long necklace or if you’ve got a low neckline try a choker or collar necklace – or try one of those new combo necklaces where it’s a collar style necklace with a long single chain hanging vertically.  Think about the tip as well when you’re layering your necklaces – you could wear a high neckline with a choker and longer layers.  Or wear several shorter lengths with a low neckline.  Play around with this technique as you would with layering your wrists or stacking your rings. Something I don’t personally like to see, and doesn’t look good in selfies, is when the neckline of a top covers the necklace or they fall in the same line, it doesn’t give a lovely effect and is more distracting than if you chose not to wear a necklace at all.

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I hope these Top 5 Tips serve you well.  Don’t forget to sign up your email address so you can stay on top of new posts!  And check out my Chloe + Isabel Boutique to shop your favorite pieces from all the looks you’ve seen above!


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