Pining for Peacock Plumes

What better color to accessorize with than the gorgeous and never-ending shades of blue?  Just like your favorite jeans you can pair it with every color under the sun (or of the sun) and feel like a pulled-together princess without even trying.

Chloe + Isabel has journeyed to India for their Summer 2017 collection and the Peacock Plumes set has a dazzling assortment of blues in semi-precious turquoise, marbled chalcedony, pale aqua hand cut crystal, mint crystal, grey mother-of-pearl in-lays.  All of these gorgeous stones are set in shiny and antique silver colorways.


The beautiful designs of India can offer an endless amount of inspiration but honing in on the national bird is a crafty way to create accessories for summer.  The statement necklaces and bracelets that offer the most pizazz in the collection are my most favorite.  They can go with your evening attire or they can dress up your basic white tee and jeans for an instant lift!

Peacock Statement Bib Necklace and Statement Collar Necklace
Minaret Hammered Bracelet and Statement Bracelet


There are endless amounts of earring available in the entire Summer 2017 collection and the Peacock Plumes set are not just eye-catching but there is a pair for every person’s taste, no matter how minimalist or edgy you are!


I really love the play on the Hoop Earrings, which we are now dubbing gypsy hoops because of the teardrop style attached to the hoops themselves!

There are matching stackable rings (a great deal on their own!) and wrap bracelets that help complete your look and give you a great arm party and ring candy – don’t forget that laying is all the rage this year and a great way to wear more of the pieces you love.

And two of the more simple designs that offer great layering capabilities are the Minaret Hammered 3 Row Convertible Necklace and the Minaret Hammered Long Necklace.  These two can be worn together or alone or with a statement necklace.  The best part is the 3 Row Convertible can be worn many different ways and offer a great value to every person’s budget!



minarethammeredlong on model
Minaret Hammered Long Necklace


As you can see YOUR choices are endless with just this set and there are several more available in the new Summer 2017 collection!  Start your wish list now because I hear that there might be a fabulous Memorial Day Sale that will help you grab your favorites!




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