Stacking Your Arm Candy

#armparty #armcandy #summer2017

One of the my most favorite trends is all about layering – whether it’s your necklaces, rings, tops or bracelets – the more the merrier!  And why not?  Having a party is all in good fun and an arm party is a great new fashionable trend that everyone is getting in on!




If you’re a bit confused on where to start then think in terms of color.  Navy and fuschia are great color combos for your summer wardrobe.  They will give you bright and bold wrists that can coordinate with just about every other summer shade.


Try stacking a gorgeous statement bracelet with your usual bead + chain multi-wrap bracelets to add texture and interest.  Or if you have a few favorite cuff bracelets then add more beaded fringe bracelets to the mix!  The more texture the better the party: leather wraps, wax corded bracelets, beaded elastics, baccarat metals, geometric lucite favorites – there is no end to the layering possibilities!




But don’t stop at what’s already in your jewelry armoire!  Check out the latest selections from Chloe + Isabel’s newest Summer 2017 Collection!  You will be dazzled by the spectacular pieces in an array of beautiful colors, featuring semi-precious stones in handcrafted details inspired by the gorgeous landscape of India!




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