Get Out of Your Schlump

I have these days where it has been the most difficult just to get out of bed, then there is breakfast to make, yet I barely feel as though I am able to move.  It’s noon and I look down to see I still have on an oversized t-shirt and baggy pajama bottoms.  I’m hungry but I don’t know what I want so I keep drinking coffee and grabbing some sort of carb to munch on thinking I might just feel better.

I keep waiting but the feel-better moment never comes.  I have nowhere to go and the kids are fed and screaming, chasing each other in a circle.  If only I could put my head down for just a few minutes.

More coffee.

More coffee.

Lots more coffee.

It doesn’t matter on these days how much coffee I drink, how many carbs I much, I still will not feel better.  First of all, I have NOT gotten out of the schlumpy pajamas.  I didn’t brush my hair and I dare not look in the mirror because we all know that the red patches and under-eye circles are only going to worsen my mood.

I did brush my teeth though so let’s give me some props there.


Let’s stop beating ourselves up!  As a SAHM we do not get a break during the day.  And there isn’t a break at night time.  And then our sleep is usually interrupted by a child or two…or a hubby.  We aren’t told thank you enough, we aren’t being given time to breath or shower, or to eat a meal without interruption.

And YES we signed up for all of this!  I had a lot better daydreams when I thought about being a SAHM and none of them included depressing days – whatsoever.

What is a woman to do?

Be okay with a schlumpy day.  Really it’s okay and you will feel better later.  Own your schlumpiness.  When you own it you will be able to move on from it.

And I do (of course) have an outfit here for you on these days when the world seems to not shine as sweetly as it had yesterday (or last week, or last month, or those years before you had kids and you had some sort of freedom).

Kimono Love

This kimono is soft, silky, loose, and beautiful.  It still looks gorgeous when you pair it with your most comfy leggings and a black camisole underneath.  And you can still walk out the door at any time if the need arises.  Those flats are so easy to wear and you won’t feel anything under your feet (i.e.when you didn’t see that Lego or banana in the floor).  You can thank me later for that.

A big bold statement ring will make your heart feel lighter.  That sparkly Mosaic choker will let you see how you shine in the mirror.  I love these Hero-Metal crescent earrings with the Asian-inspired top.  And what better way to wear your hair than a messy bun (don’t even worry about the brush) with a ultra-chic gun-metal bun cuff!  Yes, I believe a bun cuff is a life necessity (and this particular design comes in 6 finishes!).

Now don’t you feel better about your schlumpy day?  Shine on girlfriend!

Hero-Metal + Leather Crescent Earrings

Modern Mosaic Choker Necklace

Bun Cuff

Modern Mosaic Stackable Rings



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