Brightening Up Easter Sunday

There is not a  better time to play dress up than Easter Sunday morning.  You can choose the normal pastel flower dress you have or you can grab your brightest frock!  This year I am opting for a bright frock in sunshine yellow with bits of navy to make this gorgeous classic full-skirted dress stand out on a day full of family fun in the sun!

If you’re opting to help the kiddies with hunting Easter eggs then pack a pair of flats in your bag because no one wants to sink in the wet spring dirt in their best pumps. And always pack a sweater and umbrella – it is spring and we never know what Mother Nature has in store for us.


Easter Sunday with Yellow + Navy



I love the simplicity in these Chloe + Isabel pieces and the silver stands on its own when you’re wearing yellow.  The Y-necklace helps bring attention to the bold color and the belt that is going to make your waist look like it whittled away!

The leather accents in these crescent earrings and the navy tassels on the bun cuff will bring your outfit together and give you a bit of edginess.  And that bun will look ultra-chic dressed up!  Not to mention make you feel polished without having to worry about keeping it out of your face when you’re outside on a windy spring afternoon.

The Lumiere bracelet is so gorgeous!  It adds that bit of glamour that matches this beautiful dress!  I don’t know about you but I always love adding glamour to my everyday.

Lumiere Y-Necklace

Lumiere Bracelet

Sunburst Tassel Bun Cuff

Hero-Metal + Leather Crescent Earrings


Go grab your favorites for Easter Sunday (or any day) from my boutique today!



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