Festival Fun

Heading to a festival?  Huh?  Oh you can’t because you have three kids and laundry?  Yeah same goes for me too.  Actually, I only have two kiddos but still there is a ton of laundry to do.


That doesn’t mean we can’t spend a day dressing as if we are going to a fun festival!  So go ahead and get a new playlist ready while you pull out your flirty midi-skirt and sandals and with a simple camisole and DO NOT FORGET to throw on some fringe.  Because what is a festival without fringe?

Boho Luxe



Isn’t this a great outfit!  You can easily wear this out and about with the kids or just in the back yard playing hopscotch.  There is no harm in having a good ol’ dance party while the kids nap either.




Check out the fun jewelry pieces shown above in my boutique to get yourself ready for your at-home festival!

Gold Leaf Headpiece

Suede + Baguette Headwrap + Choker

Portico Stud Duo Earrings

Rebel Statement Bracelet

Lunette Long Station Necklace






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