After the Work Out

Whew – you just finished a tough work out!  You are hot, hungry, thirsty and ready for a nap, right?  That’s just how it goes when we try to keep healthy!  You leave the gym and only have a few minutes before you pick up the kids from the sitter/grandparent/in-law/friends house/play group.  So you decide to run over to Starbucks (or wherever you want to grab a yummy refreshing drink).  First things first…

Don’t leave the gym like this…

Work Out


Try to change it up before you head out the door, back up and take those shoes and athletic jacket off and toss them in the gym bag.  Toss on a simple white tee.  Put on a pair of nice pair of flats and a simple blazer, both in a neutral color and then add those sassy accessories.

Something that might look a little bit like this…

Polished Post Gym Attire



See what I did there?

Can you see the difference between looking like a sloppy mess who just worked her butt off at the gym (no needs to know how much work it really takes to be so sexy).  It’s great to mix your athleisure wear with structured coordinates and the right pop of accessories and you do not need to make it difficult.  Don’t forget to stash that gym bag in the car and use a simple wrist wallet.  You don’t always need to carry a big ol’ bag.  We all know how tiring it can be to have your life hanging off your shoulder at all times.

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