Easy Errands Upgrade

So you’ve got to stop by Target, then to pick up groceries at Aldis, but only after you take the kids to the playground to rid them of all their boundless energy.  You toss on flats, leggings and a shirt, grab your bag and head out the door.

Easy Errands


Do you feel good.  Is your hair brushed?  Can you add a little bit of something to give yourself pizazz?  Yes you can.

First off, great job for matching those cute flats with the pretty rose on your shirt.  Black and black go nicely and your brushed hair is a bonus.  But don’t stop there!

Let’s take a look at what we can add…


Easy Errands



I chose yellow because it works well with the red rose and red shoes.  The bracelet features navy semi-precious stones that go well with the basic black.  Now you are going to feel the pizazz while running your errands.  Not only the pizazz but people are going to catch glimpses of the shimmering yellow semi-precious jewels hanging from your ears and bracelet.

See the glint of gold on the lower rim of the sunglasses?  That is just the right amount of shimmer, if you ask me.

You might wonder why I’m not adding a necklace in this scenario.  It’s just not going to work with the high neck of the t-shirt and the graphic on the front.  It just wouldn’t work.  Now if your shirt doesn’t have that then don’t forget to add it OR if your shirt only has a bit of writing then you could easily add a long necklace or layer several necklaces.

Check out my store to grab these beautiful pieces!

Trendsetter Sunglasses

Grand Cabaret Statement Fringe Earrings

Grand Cabaret Statement Bracelet




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